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Jacqueline Zajdman is a California native and creative healer based in Brooklyn, NY.  After more than a decade in the fashion industry and a crash in her immune system, she felt a call to ground and live more holistically.  As Above Herbals is Jacqueline's response to self- nourishment required by living in an urban environment.  The child of parents from Argentina and Mexico with Eastern European roots, Jacqueline was exposed to the idea of "natural Penicillin" and alternative medicine across varied cultural perspectives from a young age.

She gravitated toward plant-spirit healing as a guide to regain her health and self-empowerment, and believes in developing ritual to feed spirit, mind and body.  Expressing radical self-care mixed with her creative intentions, she utilizes medicinal teas and infusions, tinctures, cooking and meditative practices to enhance mood and overall wellness.  Her unique design aesthetic also incorporates a playful landscape-part of her signature DIY philosophy. 

Feeling most at home out in the sun, Jacqueline believes in the powers of synchronicity.  Her journey exploring natural remedies, both from Western vistas and beyond, continues in her current post as an apprentice at the Gaia School of Healing in Topanga, Ca. Jacqueline's intention is to expand her community and spread the practice of medicine making and Wise Woman healing with the highest vibration.