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New Moon in Aries: Plant Spirit Advice

Jacqueline Zajdman

With the new moon and sun illuminated in Aries, the element of fire sets the tone for this vibrant transit.  Fire is an incredible tool that witches and herbalist’s a like use for transformation.  The idea of transmutation is much like alchemy; creating a magical process of change, combining different elements of matter into something new, transformative, purified.  These are all major themes being highlighted as we experience the current bloom and outburst of spring, as well Mercury going direct this new moon.  The heat that has been building this Aries season is now ready to burst into action!


Working with plant alchemy and the energy/spirit of plants is an amazing way to move effortlessly through this time.  Let’s call on our plant allies that will help stoke the fire and keep our flame in balance, burning radiantly without setting it all ablaze.  Our solar plexus chakra or Manipura, is symbolic of our power center and fiery natures.  When in balance, we are self-confident, express a healthy ego, ambition, drive and decisiveness. A strong solar plexus helps us stand tall in our power center.  Represented by the color yellow, plants that carry yellow or golden flowers speak to this chakra through joy and uplifting attitudes. 


Think St. Johns Wort, Damiana, Chamomile, Poppy and Calendula.  These flowers are bursting all over the California landscape, calling us to relax our nervous systems from the energetic heat of the season.  They can be steeped in an infusion and worked with daily as gentle nervines to the system.  Calendula also works as a facial spray or toner for refreshing the skin.  Whether you are drinking in plants, or merely earthing(standing barefoot to absorb mama earth’s negatively charged ions to reduce inflammation), get out in nature! Simply looking into the bold face of a gorgeous Poppy will remind you to open up, appreciate your strengths and honor your inner power!

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