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Create a protective and sacred realm before meditative or creative work in this travel kit for meditation, clarity, focus, and receiving messages from the cosmos. 

Anoint yourself with the power of white sage and inhale its cleansing energy from the California Super Bloom. Infused in sunflower and sesame oil, roll on the third eye, temples and wrists.  Drop in with this grounding blend of Rhodiola, Eleuthoro, and Apophylllite gem essence for the ability to shoot up from your root to crown chakra. Rhodiola teaches us strength in our selves and our connection to the earth, while Apophyllite opens our third eye to the spirit realm, astral projection, and into the ether for messages we are guided to receive. Watery and grounding Eleuthoro adds to this adaptogenic tincture made with GF vodka. Ground in your root while your ideas shoot for the stars.

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