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Mellow Blend Tincture 1oz


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Mellow Blend Tincture 1oz

mellow blend cleaned2.jpg
mellow blend cleaned2.jpg

Mellow Blend Tincture 1oz


Mellow Blend is the perfect remedy to chill out your body and brain.  This relaxing blend is great for diffusing stress and worry, especially before bed time.

This blend contains sedative herbs that have a calming effect on your nervous system without leaving you groggy the next morning.  They include Passionflower (anti anxiety, anti nerve, sleep aid for insomnia), Lemon Balm (digestive, anti nerve, sleep aid, mood enhancer) Holy Basil (adaptogenic herb bringing balance to the nervous system), and Scullcap (relaxes the nervous system and reduces inflammation).

Take half to full dropper sublingually when you are ready to rest hard and let go.  You'll even dream sweet!  Made with organic and wildcrafted herbs and Gluten Free Vodka.

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