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Plant Spirit Medicine Workshop: Heart Center, Sacral Chakra and Thorn Medicine


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Plant Spirit Medicine Workshop: Heart Center, Sacral Chakra and Thorn Medicine

There is a deep connection between holding space for our selves, our lovers, and creating healthy boundaries.  When in balance, the heart and sacral chakra create a channel of sensuality, passion, and connection to life force.   Blood pumps through our heart center, sending messages to inspire the rest of our being.  Our womb is a sacred chalice, the center of our intuition, where we birth life and creativity into the world from our deepest center.  Here, we also hold a dreamy space for our divine lovers.  What if you could channel this medicine whenever you craved it?


Join me as we drink in our plant spirit allies that will guide us in strengthening our intuition, create graceful movement and connection, encourage birthing new projects into the world, and magnify our heart energy and soul’s desire.  I will guide us through a plant meditation to strengthen your sacral chakra and help clear it of past lovers and stagnation to hold space for new energy, creativity and sensuality.   We will learn about thorn and boundary medicine to protect the heart energetically from challenges and heartbreak, creating healthy boundaries, finishing with tinctures that can guide you in your practice to tonify these energy centers at home!

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