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New Moon in Aquarius: Plant Spirit Advice

Jacqueline Zajdman

Aquarian energies are making their way to us this New Moon, encouraging us to speak our truths with impeccability.  While the solar eclipse on the same day is helping magnify this inspiration, we are now being asked to challenge our way of communicating ideas and dreams into being.  This sign of the collective and forward thinking inspires awareness, community, and rising up to the occasion of being your own guru.   As a Green Witch, I always look to the cosmos for inspiration and ask the plants for guidance.  What plant allies can we access at this time to open our minds and intuition and express our message through clear speech?


This moon, allow yourself to be guided by a few plant allies that will lubricate the channel between thought and delivery.  Lavender is a wonderful local plant that carries psychic knowledge, purification, and promotes relaxation.  When you drink her in, imagine her purple vibrations flowing through your third eye.  This sixth chakra is where we both command and perceive, accessing a mystical state of connection, wisdom and insight.  Sleep with lavender at your bedside, burn the dried plant to evoke her energy, or bathe with her in ritual bath.  Allow your inner needs to come to you with this magical plant.


When our throat chakra is blocked, we find ourselves tongue tied, unable to ask for what we need, what we desire, and express what we think and feel.  Blocks can build, ending up in reactive and depleting communication.  Think of your throat and trachea as your musical instrument.  Now is the time to sing out and call in your truest wishes and dreams into manifestation.  Spearmint tea is perfect for cooling and opening up the throat, while infusion of slippery elm bark, marshmallow and licorice keep your throat feeling soothed and relaxed.  In a quart size jar add a handful of any of these herbs to work with, topped off with hot water.  Allow it to sit for an hour to access more of the medicinal properties and drink in the mystery of mother earth.

Written by Jacqueline Zajdman