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New Moon in Gemini: Plant Spirit Advice


New Moon in Gemini: Plant Spirit Advice

Jacqueline Zajdman

The Summer Solstice is just around the corner and things are starting to heat up! Gemini spirit brings a buzz of quick thinking and moving, highlighting the energy of creative expression.  There is such a duality to the sign of the twins, calling awareness to our thinking patterns, while releasing old belief systems.  We have such an opportunity for a new beginning to rewrite our story now.


This past month, after getting into a bike accident, realizing a romance wasn’t going where I hoped, and knowing I had to move out of my house, I booked a trip to NY to refresh my scene.  I finally moved to a neighborhood I love, and returned ready to embrace the summer with a new ‘tude.  Sometimes we need this type of medicine for reinvention; a call for ingenuity.  The plants are always guiding me through my process so that I feel nourished, rooted and balanced throughout all of the changes and transitions.  But, one plant in particular is coming through right now.  SHE is Rhodiola ALL THE WAY.  Strengthening the nervous system, staving off depression, keeping me rooted, and giving me an energy boost to let me know, “YOU GOT THIS.” 


Rhodiola root is an adaptogenic plant, which curbs fatigue and exhaustion throughout stressful situations.  Speaking to the cerebral side of Gemini, the root also helps boost cognitive vitality and is neuroprotective.  The first time I drank her in, I was slumped over, and my spine literally shot up into the air.  I felt so overly confident and enthused, I had to ask myself, “You ready for this??.”  My favorite way to drink her in is through tincture form with a home made gem essence, which I encourage you to make for this month’s new moon!  Work with a stone of your choice that encourages easing the mind or opening up the third eye.  I have used Apophyllite for astral projection for it’s high vibration.  Place the cleansed stone in a bowl with spring water and let it marinate outside under the energy of the new moon.  You can add the essence to a glass of water with a full dropper of tincture, drink in, and Et Voila! Magic moon medicine in a glass! 


Written by Jacqueline Zajdman