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New Moon in Pisces: Plant Spirit Advice

Jacqueline Zajdman

Ah, Pisces.  Always the dreamer, the cosmic dancer, free flowing, emotional and creative.  Neptune, Pisces’ ruler also inspires depth, introspection, and a discomfort with our earthly world.  The Piscean influence can leave us feeling like we’re living on our own plane, in a different dimension.  Often, I find myself in a thinking mind, instead of a feeling heart space.  So I ask myself, how can I harness this dreamy state of being, while tapping into my creativity and adjusting to the environment around me?  The question for this new moon is how can we better navigate the tides of the Piscean flow?


Pisces energy always draws me in like a siren calling, taking me on a dreamy ride through the Vortex!  I can hear Bette Davis in the background saying “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night,” if I don’t just jump on board! So, let’s dive in, turning to our plant allies for guidance on this ride called LIFE.  They are powerfully conscious energetic beings that shift our perspective just by drinking them in and surrounding ourselves with their beloved energy.


The idea of dreams, illusions and psychic ability speak to the Crown Chakra, while the Sacral Chakra governs our vulnerable flow, creativity and sensuality.  Some mystical plants such as Jasmine, Damiana and Butterfly Blue Pea can act as a conduit to dreams, psychic ability, and the connection to one’s spirituality and intuitive knowing.  Jasmine works as a lovely infusion or herbal bath to bring out that luscious abundance of water element and psychic intuition into your life.  This plant is blooming all over LA right now… take a moment to inhale her gorgeous perfume.  Damiana rolled and smoked, brings an awareness of solar energy upward through the body.  She will help you receive messages from the cosmos while entering a blissful state.  Butterfly Blue Pea is a nourishing herb that also speaks to sensuality, an integrative knowing of the whole, and an inspiring watery energy that also turns your infusion indigo!  Pure magic.  Remember to play with nature and ride this mutable wave!

Written by Jacqueline Zajdman