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New Moon in Taurus: Plant Spirit Advice

Jacqueline Zajdman

New Moon in Taurus Plant Spirit Advice with Jacqueline Zajdman:



When Taurus season rolls around, I am forever reminded of the tale, Ferdinand the Bull.  Rather than fight the Torero in the bullring, he loved to stop and smell the flowers.  As a child, I loved the story of this gentle creature being so enthralled by the brilliantly colorful, intoxicating flora.  The new moon in Taurus expresses an amplification of this energy.  Ruled by Venus, we feel a focus on beauty, luxury, Self-care, and an understanding of what we value.


Taurus can be slow moving and resist change.  It is a sign of consistency, stability and security.   However, times are constantly changing, and we must learn to embrace this movement as holistically as we can.  With Beltane behind us and Summer Equinox on the horizon, the new moon is a perfect opportunity to stay open and heart centered while staying focused on the prize.   With so much action around the corner, how can we use our plant allies to help stay soft while we ask for guidance and tune into our intuition?


I invite you to lie on the earth surrounded by plants and flowers.  Find a park, a mound of grass in your yard, or give yourself the gift of a nature walk.  Let the sun shine on your face as you notice the color of the flora around you.  What flowers do you see?  Do they have fragrance?  Are bees chasing their pollen?  Start to notice the beauty and intricacy of the petals, stamen, the golden dust of pollen, the way color strokes each petal; the miracle in every flower.  Watch their leaves undulate in the breeze, vines curl, thorns entangle.  Bring awareness to the textures, the expressions of their buds opening to the sun.  Ask spirit for guidance, and notice the colors, words, and images that flood your conscious being.  Feel your clenched muscles start to dissolve into the soil below, tap into your dreams, your hopes and wishes.  “If you truly love nature, you’ll find beauty everywhere”- Van Gough

Written by Jacqueline Zajdman